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Sustainability Policy


Growing sustainably is the company's greatest commitment. Our business strategy is based on a business model that allows economic progress, generating value for its stakeholders and with the greatest protection of the environment.


Energy Efficiency Policy


ACTIUM, in line with the commitment to sustainability, is committed to a development based on energy efficiency that allows optimizing its processes.

CSR Policy


The commitment to social responsibility of our company is to work so that our business grows in a sustainable way, with the highest standards of quality, social responsibility, protection and improvement of the environment, and with return to society of part of the wealth generated, and This is materialized through the principles established in our CSR Policy.


Innovation Policy

We consider R & D & i management to guarantee the competitiveness and sustainability of its activities as one of the strategic pillars. Its Innovation Committee constitutes the frame of reference to extend the innovative culture to the entire organization.

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